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Customer Testimonials

Some of Our Most Recent Customer Testimonials:

We have been collecting some of the most recent comments our customers say about our software.

Customer Quotes 2017

Fantastic. Thank you so very much. The good news is we were able to successfully file the Bermuda 2016 CRS report.

I would like to say to you thank you very much for guiding us through the whole process. You were very timely in your responses, helpful, very patient and pleasant with us.

Also please send my thank you to the CRS 1099pro team, those guys were all fantastic and were very quick to respond to my E-mails. That helped keep our processes moving.

Once again, thank you guys. Both your FATCA and CRS software has helped us tremendously.

August 28, 2017

I just wanted to take a minute to send an email of appreciation about Jake Burke.

I have been dealing with this software for about two years now and each time I have spoken to Jake, he has been both professional and cordial, I really appreciate that. Especially when by the time I have to call, I am a bit frustrated.

Thank you Jake!!, from someone that now how easy it can be to turn a whole experience, by the demeanor of your voice.

July 25, 2017

Steve always exceeds my expectations. He's so helpful, and promptly answers any questions I have. He even does some hand-holding if I need extra help. He's exceptional!

The software is really good, and the tutorials are excellent. I just need to remember to take the refresher course every year!

March 24, 2017

I’m a new user to the 1099 Pro software. I called your technical support yesterday and got Justin on the line for assistance. Justin was extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable. With his expertise, I was able to understand the software that my company purchased, and the functionalities that come with it. And we were able to successfully upload the forms via the service bureau to IRS.

As a customer, I feel very lucky to have Justin’s assistance. His above and beyond service level should be recognized.

March 17, 2017

I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know that your employee Justin is wonderful!

I called yesterday while having a technical issue or more so a “user” issue while making some address changes to my 1099 forms. While speaking to him, it was brought to my attention that I did not read the 1099 software instructions very well (not his wording) and did not e-file my forms. Justin went above and beyond to help me with this. I received an email from him this morning asking me to call and we continued to work on my issue. I truly would have been in panic mode if not for his kindness. He was professional and friendly at the same time. He made me feel like someone was in my corner!

I don’t know what I would have done without his help! I appreciate him very much!

March 2, 2017

YOU ROCK Steve!!! Thank you. Yes I was good and got all of our forms filed prior to the 01/31/17 deadline. You guys are so amazing.

Thank you so very much!!

February 8, 2017

I just wanted to take some time out and express my gratitude in speaking with Ernie on Tuesday, January 31st. I had encountered some issues with getting through the wizard for 1099 Pro and Ernie was able to take the wheel and solve my problem. He had great customer service skills (coming from a customer service background myself) and was so determined to solve the issue that he did not give up until we got through it. He is very knowledgeable and you can tell he knew what he was doing with confidence!

Have a great day and I hope this recognition finds Ernie well because he deserves it! He was AWESOME!

February 1, 2017

Thank you so much for your help! I truly appreciate your patience in helping all of us with this process.

January 24, 2017

Software worked great.

I was working all day Saturday to get these ready and had to contact your technical service department several times. Every time I was assisted by Emily. She was excellent. She knew everything about the program , was super polite and helpful. Never made me feel dumb as tech people can do sometimes. She must of spent a good 20-30 minutes in total just helping me. She is a fantastic employee. Someone in management needs to commend her and give her a raise. I wish there were more tech people like her.

January 23, 2017

Jennifer was excellent and extremely helpful to me.

As a brand new user, she was incredibly patient with me and answered many questions.

January 16, 2017

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